Separators on Job

Well Testing

From the beginning stages of completions to the final production testing, BKG has you covered every step of the way.


Frac Support

We specialize in hydraulic fracturing flow support

Drill/Mill Out Operations

Our highly experienced crews specialize in workover and coil-tubing drillouts


Our great equipment and excellent operators make your next flowback operation a success

Tank Battery Support

Need a crew to man your tank battery? We can make it happen

Production Testing

Our crews are highly experienced in production testing environments


We offer high-quality, tested and certified equipment to handle any job

2- to 4-inch Flow Iron

Tested and certified high-quality flow iron

Sand Separators

High Velocity, High Flow Sand Separators make the difference in eliminating sand

3- and 4-phase Separator Vessels

We offer many different sizes and options to handle any job

Flare Stacks

We offer various sizes, including 35, 45 and 60 foot

Flow Manifolds

We offer both 5- and 9-valve manifolds

Plug Catchers

High Pressure Dual Chambered Setup
Separators working hard

Real-Time Reporting

From well head pressures to oil and water return rates, our software allows virtually endless customization to track the data that matters most to our clients.


Track trends with state-of-the-art charting


Customize tracked data points to view the data that matters to you